China News Service, Nov. 1 reported that the fishing rights dispute between Britain and France for several weeks has caused tensions between the two sides.

On October 31, French President Macron and British Prime Minister Johnson met during the G20 summit, but after the meeting, the two sides still held different opinions.

  [French retaliation measures are on the way?

Solution to be responded by UK]

  Since Brexit took effect in full, some French fishing boats have not obtained fishing licenses issued by the London authorities and the two administrative regions of Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands, which has greatly dissatisfied Paris.

  Macron said at a press conference after the conclusion of the Group of 20 (G20) Leadership Summit: "I have no intention of raising the conflict. We must take it seriously. I don't think there is any need to take retaliatory measures, so the report will not help our fishermen. "

  He said: "We have handed over a document to the British Prime Minister on how to resolve the dispute. It is currently awaiting a response from the British side." Macron also warned that the first batch of retaliatory measures prepared by France will be implemented on November 2. .

  France requires the United Kingdom to grant fishing permits for more French fishing vessels entering British waters, otherwise it will prohibit British fishing vessels from mooring in some ports and strengthen inspections of trucks carrying British goods entering the country.

  [British Prime Minister: The position has not changed, France should give up the threat]

  Reuters quoted a French official on the 31st saying that the two agreed to cool the dispute, but Johnson’s spokesperson denied this and said that if Macron wants to ease tension, he must act first.

  Johnson also did not confirm that the two parties were seeking a solution and reached an agreement with Macron.

Johnson said at the press conference, "My position on the dispute over fishing rights has not changed," but he emphasized that the talks with Macron were "frank".

  Johnson’s spokesperson said, “It’s up to France to decide whether to abandon their recent threats related to the violation of the Brexit agreement. This will be their business.” “If the French government proposes to mitigate its threats, we will welcome it. ".

  BFM TV quoted a French official as saying that Macron told Johnson during the meeting that he asked Britain to "respect the rules."