Early this spring, Mjölby, Motala, Vadstena, Boxholm, Ödeshög and Tranås joined forces to start a collaboration around the upper secondary schools.

The municipalities had noticed that they lost high school students to other larger municipalities, while some of the municipalities' own educations had few applicants and vacancies.

Today, the investigation was presented to the municipal politicians in Mjölby City Hall.

One of the proposals is to start an overall municipal association that will jointly decide which educations are available in which municipality.

In addition, the so-called free search must be limited and only apply within the six municipalities and not the rest of Östergötland.

The next step is for each municipality to take a position on the inquiry's proposal at home.

After that, the municipalities will talk to each other and together make a decision on the new proposals.

Hear more about what the new proposals mean in the video above.