Urban violence erupted in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in a district of Alençon (Orne), where thirteen vehicles were set on fire and police officers were the target of fireworks, announced concordant sources, this Wednesday.

"We are talking about mortar fire (fireworks) on police officers and destruction by fire of vehicles", declared the prosecutor of the Republic of Alençon, François Coudert, specifying that no police officer had been injured.

An investigation of flagrance is opened for "destruction by fire and violence on persons holding public authority".

Nearly thirty people involved

“About ten vehicles were set on fire, requiring the intervention of firefighters, with the support of the police.

They were the subject of mortar fire, without causing any injuries, ”also indicates in a press release the prefect of Orne Françoise Tahéri.

This violence took place in the district of Perseigne, according to several sources.

According to a police source, "the violence began around 11 pm Tuesday, thirteen cars were burned following the arrest during the day of two people for drug trafficking".

But the prosecutor does not "confirm that there can be a link between this arrest and the facts".

"It's too simple to make an arrest and say afterwards that it is because of that", he insisted.

Investigators do not explore "one track more than another," added the magistrate.

The prosecution did not have figures on the number of people involved in this violence.

"I am told about thirty," said PS mayor of Alençon Joaquim Pueyo.

Reinforcements sent to the neighborhood

The former deputy is convinced that this violence is "a response" from "all those closely linked to this drug trafficking". “I have set up a lot of CCTV cameras. I am looking to see if there is a need for further strengthening. Our cameras were destroyed a few months ago. We replaced them. So that's not it. In this district there is a desire to maintain this traffic. You have individuals who do everything they can not to be watched, ”he added.

According to the prefect of Orne, "reinforcements will be deployed to secure the district".

It “condemns with the greatest firmness the urban violence committed”.

"In accordance with the departmental strategy to fight against delinquency, the State services will continue the reinforced actions which have been undertaken to ensure public tranquility in this district and disrupt drug trafficking", she adds.


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