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year in and year out, we will make you happy in the evening with this newsletter, and a wide range of topics come up here. But one thing, we are quite sure, has not yet been made, which is why it is urgent to change: keeping flamingos as pets. Well, you're stunned.

But there is, the will of man is his kingdom of heaven, and if he already keeps budgies, rabbits and alligators, then why not also a flamingo?

You think so, but you haven't done the math with the Frankfurt city administration. She wrote to a man from Frankfurt who lives with a flamingo. Why now? Not because it's forbidden. In Frankfurt anyone can buy a flamingo who can pay for the food.

No, he was asked to get four more flamingos.

Because, according to the strict authority, the flamingo only becomes happy as a quintet.

Our colleague Matthias Trautsch wrote down further details.

Manfred Koehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor-in-chief of the business magazine Metropol.

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Now let's see if we can make a transition from keeping flamingos to commuting by car. Uh ... uh ... no, we don't succeed. Thematically too far away, the exact opposite: the flamingo attitude calms you down, the commuter existence excites you.

At least at the moment, when commuters simply don't want to be able to tell each other day after day how nice that petrol is finally getting more expensive, that protects the environment!

The editorial team's coverage of the anger at the petrol stations has led to around 200 comments on the Internet, and we publish the most interesting ones in the newspaper.

How good would it be if you could easily change from your car to the train.

But with Deutsche Bahn it is also one of those things. Colleague Rainer Schulze reports on his own experiences: for years he and his family took the night train from Frankfurt to Warsaw because some of the relatives live in Poland, then it was over a few years ago - the night train to the neighboring country was canceled. Now the Schulze family is forced to fly. The colleague did some research on the general situation with night trains to or from Frankfurt. The result in one word: bad.

In addition

, 600 women in the Büdingen area are supposed to have a DNA test so that a crime from 1999 can finally be solved;

Thousands of demonstrators have already announced themselves for the AfD's federal party conference in Wiesbaden in December;

the new Asterix volume is currently the best-selling book in the region.

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Clouds will soon be coming through from the west, at a maximum of 15 degrees it can rain once in a while.

During the night the air cools down to 5 degrees.






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