351 overseas personnel from 36 countries gathered in the first sports venues to receive full-factor inspections in all fields

The Beijing Winter Olympics ushered in a mock test

  Author: Zuo Han Di Hou Ke

  The aftermath of figure skating has not yet dissipated, and the short track speed skating competition has started again.

From October 21st to 24th, the 2021/2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup was held at the Capital Stadium, becoming the third after the "Meet in Beijing" Speed ​​Skating China Open and the "Meet in Beijing" 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open. The international test event kicked off.

  As a large-scale "mock test" on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the "Meet in Beijing" series of test competitions held from October to December completely follow the standards of the Winter Olympics, including 10 international test competitions and 2 domestic test competitions. And 3 international training weeks.

During the test match, how does the venue operation team work?

How to conduct closed-loop management of immigration and competition personnel?

How are service guarantees such as city operation, security, and transportation implemented?

The reporter interviewed the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the venue operation team, and the relevant persons in charge of various functional departments.

  Training team: During the test competition, the first body runs for an average of 20 hours a day, benchmarking against 29 business areas during the Winter Olympics.

  After 12 years, the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup was once again held in Beijing.

After undergoing all-round upgrades, the 53-year-old Capital Gymnasium will welcome 351 overseas personnel from 36 countries.

  "As the first stop of the Beijing Winter Olympics Qualifying Tournament, the world's top athletes gathered together. There are many teams in the short-track competition, the level of competition is high, the rounds of the competition are dense, and the organization is difficult. It is a greater test for us." Said Yang Jinshan, deputy director of the stadium group operation team service.

  It is a requirement and practice of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee to organize a series of test competitions before the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

According to Yao Hui, Director of the Venue Management Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, compared with the snow and ice test activities in the first half of this year, the main characteristics of this test competition are the high specifications and large scale of the competition. “Many are international winter games. The calendar events organized by individual sports, some of which are qualifiers and points competitions, will adopt the timing and scoring system of the Winter Olympics."

  At the just-concluded "Meet in Beijing" 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open, the Chinese national figure skating team made their debut at the Capital Gymnasium and won 2 gold medals and 5 medals.

"In this competition, we played to a normal level, but the movement was still less difficult because we had to adapt to the Winter Olympics venue and new programs." World Figure Skating Championships gold medal, PyeongChang Winter Olympics silver medalist, Chinese star Sui Wenjing was interviewed Shi said, "At present, it is to be a good one, follow the team to practice and advance the preparation plan. It is necessary to increase the difficulty in the technical aspects and strengthen one's own strength."

  In addition to the test for athletes, this is also the only opportunity for the running team of the Capital Stadium before the Winter Olympics to test all fields and all elements.

According to Yang Jinshan, this event benchmarked 29 business areas during the Winter Olympics. The venues run for an average of 20 hours a day, effectively testing the command system, venue facilities, venue operations, service guarantees, and urban comprehensive guarantees.

  It is worth noting that because figure skating and short track speed skating have different requirements for competition elements such as ice surface and on-site environment, the "ice rink conversion" work of the Capital Gymnasium has become a key link.

The venue completed the conversion from figure skating to short track speed skating on October 17th.

In addition to the temperature and hardness of the ice surface, the temporary facilities and places involved in accommodation have also been adjusted in time.

2021/2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup started smoothly.

  In order to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the event, Beijing Haidian District has implemented territorial responsibilities, established a complete command, dispatch and operation guarantee system. The main leaders of the district committee and district government lead the team every day to timely connect with the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Municipal Operation Guarantee Headquarters , Focus on real-time dispatching and commanding of venues, hotels, and district support groups to ensure unblocked information.

  Strict epidemic prevention: refine the work content and flow lines, and the closed-loop area personnel conduct nucleic acid tests every day

  In the face of the uncertainty of the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, epidemic prevention is the key to the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and it is also a key task during the test competition.

At present, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has established a working mechanism for consultations with the International Olympic Committee, and established an epidemic prevention and control office to undertake the comprehensive coordination of epidemic prevention and control.

  It is understood that during the preparatory stage of the event, the Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control is responsible for organizing the formulation of various epidemic prevention and control work plans, technical plans, and various special guidelines, and instructing venues, hotels, etc. to follow the "one hall, one policy, one policy per game". "One store, one policy, and one batch, one policy" requirements, respectively formulate prevention and control plans.

  “The Winter Olympics and the Paralympics involve differences in the internal design of the venues and the characteristics of the events held. We propose to formulate a targeted prevention and control plan, hoping that each venue team can refine the work content and flow lines and clarify the epidemic situation. Responsibilities for prevention and control." Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, told reporters.

  In order to understand the closed-loop management of the venues, the reporter visited the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium during the "Meet in Beijing" Speed ​​Skating China Open.

In the central control room of the venue operation center, the eight monitoring areas of the large screen respectively display real-time images of important areas such as the closed loop area, buffer zone, and admission area. Liu Yuanjie, manager of the venue operation center, said that through the running-in of the test game, it has been refined. In order to meet the specific requirements of material delivery and other links, external staff must transport the items to the closed loop area through the buffer zone. The two parties will not meet the whole process, and no second delivery is allowed within 30 minutes.

  "For us, this test competition is also an opportunity to continuously improve epidemic prevention measures." Wu Xiaonan, director of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium operations team in the closed-loop area command room, introduced during the video connection, including domestic and foreign participants and staff More than 300 people in the closed-loop area, including those in the closed-loop area, wear N95 masks, act in strict accordance with the flow of personnel, and conduct nucleic acid tests every 24 hours.

  At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission is based on its functions to strengthen the guidance of venues, jurisdictions, and related medical and health institutions.

"Relevant policies are formulated by the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and the municipal health department cooperates in formulating epidemic prevention and control plans, plans, guidelines, etc." Zhang Jingcheng, a cadre of the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Municipal Health Commission, told reporters that each security work has Strict time node requirements, according to the content of the work ledger, the Municipal Health Commission and the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee have researched and formulated a designated hospital evaluation plan, and has completed on-site evaluation and multiple rounds of inspection guidance for the preparatory work of 27 designated medical institutions.

  In addition to the venue level, the fourteenth dispatch meeting of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the City Operation Guarantee Headquarters held a few days ago emphasized that we must always adhere to external defense input, internal defense rebound and not let go, and continue to do a good job in social prevention and control.

Huang Chun said that the operation guarantee mechanism is being continuously improved to realize the unified and coordinated dispatch of the city-level epidemic prevention and control work at all levels of command and operation, and fully implement the "dual entry" mechanism for venues and territories.

  "We must do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in all aspects of the competition, and achieve both epidemic prevention and control and testing." Yao Hui said.

  Smooth mechanism: start the command and dispatch mode during the test match, and predict in advance for changing weather conditions

  Along with the test competition, there are various service guarantees.

The reporter noticed that the test competition has a long period, a large number of personnel, and involves multiple areas such as the Olympic Center, the first body, Wukesong, and Yanqing Xiaohaituo. In addition to the competition itself, the city operation, environmental landscape, environmental order, weather services, etc. Service guarantee tasks are also very arduous.

In order to ensure the orderliness of various safeguards, the establishment of a command, dispatch and consultation mechanism has become an important measure.

  "We launched the command and dispatch mode during the test competition, timely docked the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee's test content, operation arrangements, venues, routes and other specific conditions, and formulated the test competition work plan and 6 A special plan.” He Jilu, director of the Information and Publicity Division of the Office of the Urban Operation and Environmental Protection Group Office of the Beijing Operation Guarantee Headquarters, told reporters.

  Compared with the Summer Olympics, the weather conditions faced by the Winter Olympics are more complex and changeable. Extreme weather such as strong winds and severe cold will adversely affect the operation of the city.

Through the joint consultation mechanism, keeping a close eye on changes in meteorological conditions and air quality, rolling out forecasts and forecasts has become the basis for various scientific decisions.

  The reporter found that on one side of the wall of the city operation and environmental protection command and dispatch center, a large screen scrolled in real time the current and next three days of the air quality index and weather forecast in the Beijing area and the Yanqing competition area.

“It’s very important to study and judge well in advance.” He Jilu said that in accordance with the standards of the Winter Olympics, the guarantee team focused on air quality forecasting during the test competition, coordinating regional joint prevention and control, and implementing air pollution prevention and control tasks, and timely forecasting occurrences during the National Day. For consecutive days of rainfall, cooling and windy weather, relevant plans should be made in advance.

  "We have also established a corresponding emergency support system, and established 69 municipal professional support teams for venues, 73 emergency support teams, and 5 territorial peripheral support teams covering water, electricity, gas, heat, environmental sanitation and other fields. The venue emergency team is on duty, personnel deployment, emergency materials and technical support, etc., perfecting the immediate response to extreme weather during the test match, sanitation and cleaning, snow shoveling, garbage removal and other mechanisms." He Jilu said.

  The transportation, security and other related guarantee teams also escorted the test competition.

In view of the long schedule, large competition area, large number of entry personnel, and high pressure on epidemic prevention and control, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau selected key police officers to station in the Winter Olympics venues, and the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and venue owners already have security infrastructure. On the basis of network, data resources and application platform, integrate the public security technology application platform to enrich and improve the functions of command, intelligent security inspection, and intelligent alarm.

  "In terms of transportation, we repeatedly performed full-element, multi-scenario deductions for the overall security plan and special traffic emergency plans, and dynamically modified and improved them." According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, since the start of the test competition, 996 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched. Inspections were carried out on subway station halls, platforms, entrances and exits, and protected areas outside the station around the venue, and 232 violations of various laws and regulations in the transportation industry were seized, effectively maintaining the order of road traffic in the venue and key areas.

  Strengthen supervision: combine tour supervision and station supervision, adhere to problem orientation, and promote the implementation of the "four Olympics" concept

  "The awareness of the one-meter noodles of some people in the stadium needs to be improved. It should be taken seriously and fulfilled the responsibility of reminding and educating." A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision and Inspection Team discovered the stadium's epidemic prevention policy when inspecting the implementation of the epidemic prevention measures in the test competition at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium. The publicity work still needs to be strengthened, and the relevant persons in charge will be reported on the spot and urged for rectification.

  Whether it is the safe and smooth holding of the test competition or the high-quality advancement of the preparation work during the critical period of the decisive battle, it is inseparable from the guarantee of supervisory power.

The reporter learned that the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has recently officially launched the roving supervision mode. The Commissioner’s Office for the Winter Olympics, the Supervision and Audit Department of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and the Disciplinary The “two straights” approach visits venues from time to time to carry out supervision, focusing on epidemic prevention and control, command operations, service guarantees, etc., focusing on understanding the layout of the high and low risk areas of the venues, the storage of epidemic prevention materials, the linkage of peripheral guarantees, the operation of the venue cluster communication system, and medical care Personnel performance in service, waste disposal, catering and other links.

  "The purpose of the test competition is to discover and solve problems, and the supervision and inspection must also be problem-oriented." Guo Peng, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Winter Olympics Supervision Commissioner of the Municipal Supervision Committee, told reporters that the touring supervision mode will continue until the Winter Olympics. Time stage.

  In addition, Beijing also selects a venue operation supervision team to enter the venue to conduct regular supervision of the on-the-job performance of the venue operation team staff, conduct anti-corruption talks with the person in charge of key positions, and pay close attention to the use of funds, material procurement and other key links to check for anti-corruption. Risks, put forward opinions and suggestions, and promote the solution of difficult problems.

According to Zhao Bowen, director of the Winter Olympics Supervision Commissioner's Office, all venues in the city have been equipped with venue operation supervision teams.

  In response to key tasks such as anti-doping, competition and discipline, the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Group of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the General Administration of Sport of the People's Republic of China put forward special supervision suggestions to promote the advancement of barriers to prevent hidden risks.

"Focusing on the work responsibilities and task division involved in the winter sports center, sort out the supervision items such as epidemic prevention and control, service guarantee, competition process, equipment and facilities, etc., and conduct list management." The relevant person in charge of the discipline inspection and supervision team said.

  At the same time, the relevant functional departments of the Beijing Operation Security Command sent a discipline inspection and supervision team to carry out precise supervision based on the characteristics of each field.

In response to the issue of how to balance the normal medical needs of the test competition personnel and the people in the city, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Health Commission and the responsible department went to the designated hospitals to check whether the green channel for athletes’ medical treatment was standardized and reasonable, and urged the responsible department to follow the actual situation. The situation is perfect "one hospital, one policy"; the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Public Security Bureau pays close attention to security preparations, risk prevention, on-the-job performance, etc., and conducts rolling, full-coverage supervision and inspection; The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Transportation Commission focuses on event traffic services , Urban traffic operation, transportation facilities and other matters, 140 key supervision tasks have been clarified, 67 risk points in 32 areas have been identified, and 51 prevention and improvement suggestions have been put forward.

  Currently, there are more than 100 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The confidence to successfully hold the international ice and snow event and to show the image of China in the new era to the world against the background of unprecedented changes in the world comes from the efficient and coordinated system and mechanism, as well as the hard work of every participant.

"Take the test game as an opportunity to promote the external supervision of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, project construction supervision, venue operation supervision, service guarantee supervision, and promote the implementation of the'four Olympics' concept." Guo Peng said.

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