President Moon Jae-in has ordered the prosecution and police to conduct a swift and thorough investigation into the allegation of the development of Daejang-dong. A week ago, I said I was watching closely, but after the Democratic presidential candidate was decided, specific instructions came out.

This is Reporter Junmo Moon.


Blue House spokeswoman Park Kyung-mi held an unexpected briefing and delivered President Moon Jae-in's position.

[Bakgyeongmi / presidential spokesman (doors president) prosecutor and the police differ Lean chongryeok to cooperate promptly and identify as soon as the substantive truth thorough investigation (he said)

before, Cheong Wa Dae Democratic presidential primaries in progress On the 5th, during the midterm, a key official issued a principled position saying, "We are strictly watching," but President Moon directly ordered the police and prosecutors two days after the primary.

An official from the Blue House explained the background of his remarks, saying, "President Moon had previously held that a thorough police and police investigation was necessary, but he withheld the message as the Democratic presidential primary was underway."

The official continued, "The specificity of the 'specialist police' in this order can be seen as the introduction of a special prosecutor required by the opposition party or a line in the National Assembly investigation. It emphasized the need to quickly find out the reality of the

Some in the political circles speculate that the Blue House is not taking the public opinion on Daejang-dong seriously in relation to Lee Jae-myung's devastating defeat in the Democratic Party's 3rd National Electoral College vote.

However, a key Blue House official said, "President Moon's position, which he said, 'I am glad that the election process went smoothly on the 10th day after the primary election, remains the same,'" and drew a line in the interpretation that relates this directive to candidate Lee Jae-myung.

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