Sweden's environmental activist Greta Thunberg and others will be working on a global scale to combat global warming on September 24, as leaders of the United Nations discuss climate change issues. Young people from each country met online and called for "I want as many people as possible to participate."

Greta's activities have triggered the protests of young people seeking global warming countermeasures, "Friday for the Future," which has spread throughout the world. In addition to the participation of one million people, the outbreak of the new coronavirus spread in September last year, so it was held in 150 countries around the world, mainly online.

And this is that the activity will be held on September 24, in line with the discussion of climate change issues at the summit-level meeting held in parallel with the summit speech of the UN General Assembly. Previously, young people from various countries, including Mr. Greta, had a press conference online on the 20th.

In this, Greta criticized, "We continue to seek climate change countermeasures. World leaders say they listened to young people's words, but they are not reflected in their actions." I want as many people as possible to participate. "

Many people participate in protests led by young people such as Greta every year, and it seems that attention will be focused on whether it will be possible to increase the momentum for discussions on climate change issues by the leaders of each country.