The election posters with the text “Hang the Greens” of the right-wing extremist splinter party “The III.

Weg “in Zwickau must be left behind.

The Saxon Higher Administrative Court ruled on Tuesday that the posters met the objective offense of sedition.

The court left open whether the poster contained a serious call to kill people.

In any case, it is suitable to disturb the public peace by inciting hatred and by attacking the human dignity of the members of the Greens.

The decision of the Higher Administrative Court is final.

The bishop also got involved

Among other things, the Catholic Bishop of Dresden-Meißen Heinrich Timmerevers had sharply condemned the poster campaign: “Anyone who calls for the killing of other people with words is far beyond our values, which guarantee all people, regardless of their political views, a right to life and integrity. "

Timmerevers spoke of a border crossing: “We cannot accept such brutalization of our togetherness. With all due respect for the high value of freedom of expression: In the competition for public attention, the value of human dignity and mutual respect must not be disregarded in such a way. "

The city of Zwickau had ordered almost two weeks ago that the party had to remove said posters within three days, otherwise the municipality would remove them itself. The reason was that the slogan was a violation of public order and human dignity. In contrast, the party submitted an urgent application to the administrative court in Chemnitz. The judge there decided that the posters were allowed at a distance of at least 100 meters from election posters of the party "Alliance 90 / The Greens". Both the party and the city of Zwickau then lodged a complaint.