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September 17, 2021 The sale of Alitalia kicks off, with the tender for the acquisition of the brand: one of the most significant assets of the entire transition operation in progress.

This is what Alitalia in receivership communicates


The announcement, which was published today, provides that Admission Requests will be received starting from 12 noon (Italian time) on 18 September 2021 until 24 hours on 30 September 2021. The price based on the tender is set at 290 million. of Euro.

The legislator has foreseen that an airline will be awarded the tender so as to guarantee the presence of the name "Alitalia" in the panorama of air transport and to maintain a strong point of reference for passengers. The Binding Offers for the First Phase must be submitted by the Admitted Subjects by 2 pm on 4 October 2021.

Since 1946 - the note reads - the name of the national airline has marked the life of the Italians, accompanying, from the immediate after the war, prominent figures such as the highest offices of the state, international institutions and popes in their pastoral missions. 

"The Alitalia brand represents a historical value and cultural heritage, rooted in the shared Italian imagination. This operation aims to protect the persistence of the name and

logo in the panorama of air transport and to keep alive the link with our community", they commented the extraordinary Commissioners.

We have reached a fundamental step in the sale of Alitalia, the note reads: the use of trademarks and domains evokes moments of great significance in the history of Italy. Initially, he continues, the brand was registered as "Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali". It was shortened by a post office employee to make it more suitable for telegrams, creating an acronym that has become a highly recognizable element of the national heritage.

Alitalia was the protagonist of the country's rebirth after the Second World War with the opening of international routes that also had diplomatic and geopolitical significance. Throughout its history, the flag carrier has accompanied institutional figures on historical journeys, such as that of the President of the Republic Giovanni Gronchi in Moscow in 1960, the first Western head of state to visit the capital of the USSR. Since 1964, with the visit to the Holy Land of Paul VI, the first historic flight by a Pontiff followed by the main names in journalism (Eugenio Montale, Dino Buzzati, Alberto Cavallari, Giorgio Bocca, Paolo Monelli), it is the reference company of the apostolic journeys of the Holy See. Alitalia has also supported all major events in the country, from Rome 1960 to Milan Expo 2015,accompanying all the protagonists of Italian culture, entertainment and sport.