China News Service, September 16th. According to the WeChat official account of the Chinese Embassy in Malawi, Malawi’s new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased recently, and the number of newly diagnosed cases per day has decreased. However, the Malaysian government has announced Relaxation of epidemic control measures, the risk of infection should not be underestimated.

The Chinese Embassy in Malawi reminds all Chinese citizens in Malaysia to recognize the severe and complex situation of the current epidemic, strengthen normal epidemic prevention and control, overcome slackness and paralysis, and strengthen prevention of a new wave of epidemics.

  1. Pay attention to the epidemic situation and continue to be vigilant.

The virulence and transmission power of the new coronavirus mutant is relatively stronger, and it also poses a threat to people who have been vaccinated.

Regardless of whether you are vaccinated, you should remain vigilant, strengthen your personal awareness of prevention, avoid paralysis, and develop the habit of wearing masks and frequent disinfection to prevent epidemics. Do not participate in gathering activities and reduce contact with the outside world.

  2. Take the main responsibility and strictly prevent cluster infection.

Chinese-funded enterprises in Malaysia should continue to attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, further investigate loopholes in epidemic prevention, continuously strengthen various daily epidemic prevention measures, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and production and operation activities, and properly arrange isolation and treatment of infected personnel to prevent cluster infections .

  3. Report and treat in time, and be responsible for the health of yourself and others.

If there are suspected symptoms, they should be tested under the precondition of protection, and self-isolation and observation should be done.

If the diagnosis is unfortunately confirmed, the relevant situation should be reported to the embassy through the affiliated Chinese-funded enterprise or overseas Chinese delegation as soon as possible, scientific treatment should be carried out in time, and close contacts should be notified as soon as possible for isolation and testing to avoid large-scale infections.

  4. Adhere to "non-essential, non-emergency, and no travel".

Try to avoid long-distance or cross-border travel to minimize the risk of cross-infection during the journey.

If you really need to travel, please take personal protection at all times.

Returning personnel should be tested and quarantined as required. If there are suspected symptoms of new crown before returning to the country, please seek medical attention and adjust the itinerary in time.

  In case of emergency, please call the Consular Protection and Assistance Hotline of the Chinese Embassy in Malawi: +265-888998037; Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24 hours): +86-10-12308 or +86-10 -59913991.

  Malawi’s emergency medical rescue telephone number: 998; the police telephone number for assistance: 997.