Thirty-three years later, he returned to the countryside.

On the eve of the environmental primary, which must designate the candidate supported by EELV for the presidential election, the Greens' candidate for the 1988 presidential election Antoine Waechter, announced his candidacy on Wednesday under the banner of the Independent Environmental Movement (MEI).

"Noting the utopian nature of bringing together environmentalists," Antoine Waechter, one of the founders of the environmental movement in France, wishes through his candidacy "to assert much more strongly what makes the identity of ecological thought itself, au- beyond the right and the left ”.

Our dossier on the 2022 presidential election

72-year-old environmental engineer, deputy mayor of Fulleren (Haut-Rhin), Antoine Waechter gathered 3.8% of the vote in the first round of the 1988 presidential election. He did not obtain the 500 sponsorships required in 1995.


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