A maximum of eight people and the activities must be carried out outdoors.

This is what applies when the student unions in Umeå arrange reception activities this year. 

- We have had many discussions together with the unions and the university and come to the conclusion that if we have a zero, it is done with a kind of control.

If we do not arrange a reception, the consequence will be that people invent things on their own, says Gustav Svensson, chairman of the Umeå Student Union.  

Are you worried about increased spread of infection? 

- I firmly believe in our students.

But what is difficult is that the zeroing ends in the evening and then there is a risk that other parties will take over even though we advise against it, says Gustav Svensson. 

In both Växjö and Kalmar, zeroing has been interrupted after students showed symptoms of covid-19. 

- We want the reception to be safe and secure and try to do everything we can to make it so, but we are not one hundred percent safe, says Per Ragnarsson.

More vaccinated

At the same time, more and more students have received vaccines.

According to a survey sent out by the Umeå Student Union and answered by 780 students, 667 were vaccinated and 347 of them had received two doses. 

So far, it is mainly the students who study the first year who are on site on campus.

From September 30, on-site teaching will be possible for all students.

Hear what some students say about zeroing in the video above.