by Marzio Quaglino

August 24, 2021There is a calmer climate on the markets today. The US Food and Drug Administration's decision, which definitively approved the Pfizer vaccine, had a twofold effect. On the one hand, it confirms that the fight against Covid continues on the right path, on the other it has pushed the shares of the companies involved in the production. So yesterday Wall Street again approached its all-time highs, giving Asian markets a little breath today.

A plus sign also in Europe with Milan rising by 0.25%, flanked by London, Paris and Frankfurt.

In Piazza Affari Leonardo shines, rising by 1% after the signing of an international contract.

On the commodity market, the price of oil rises again due to a shortage of supply. North Sea Brent is trading at $ 68.66 a barrel, nearly $ 4 more than on Monday.