The Taliban, a medium-armed force that Japan and other countries are proceeding with the evacuation work of their own citizens from Afghanistan, urged the U.S. side to meet the withdrawal deadline again, saying that all evacuation should be completed by the end of this month, which is the withdrawal deadline of the U.S. military. I did.

In Afghanistan, with the withdrawal of US troops approaching at the end of this month, the armed forces Taliban have seized power, and countries such as Japan and the United States are proceeding with evacuation work for their own people and cooperators.

Under these circumstances, the U.S. government is considering extending the withdrawal deadline of the army, but Mr. Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban armed forces, said at a press conference on the 24th, "All evacuation should be completed by the end of August." I asked the United States to meet the withdrawal deadline again.

In addition, at the airport in the capital Kabul, many people rushed to flee the country on the 24th, and the turmoil continued, and Mr. Mujahid strongly accused the United States of "the United States is urging the evacuation of Afghanistan." Did.

With tensions between the U.S. and the Taliban rising, the U.S. media reported on the 24th that CIA Secretary of State Barnes visited Kabul and had a confidential meeting with Taliban's number two Baradal, and the withdrawal deadline. It seems that discussions were held over the extension of.

German Foreign Minister "Everyone can't evacuate"

Germany's Foreign Minister Mars told local media on the 24th, "The military will not be able to evacuate everyone in the remaining days," as the U.S.'s deadline for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan approaches at the end of this month. , Recognized that there was not enough time to complete the evacuation of the remaining German and Afghan collaborators.

On top of that, Foreign Minister Mars said he is working with the United States and Britain on how to evacuate those left behind after the military withdrawal deadline has passed.

Afghan people seeking help from the Japanese government

An Afghan man who lived in the suburbs of the capital Kabul and was previously studying in Japan while the Air Self-Defense Force's transport aircraft was dispatched to evacuate the Japanese remaining in Afghanistan and the Afghan staff working at the embassy. Is calling for help from the Japanese government.

The man studied abroad at a national university in the Chugoku region about five years ago, and after returning to Japan, he worked for the Afghan government, so he is now in a position to be chased by the Taliban.

The man went to Kabul Airport on the 24th, knowing that the Air Self-Defense Force's transport plane would be dispatched, being careful not to be found by Taliban fighters, but the airport entrance was closed and he had an American visa etc. He said that he couldn't enter anyone other than those who were.

The man is asking for help by sending a video to NHK that many other people are stuck outside the airport and complaining, "This video is evidence to ask the Japanese government for help."