Kuwait .. a girl complains about her friend to the police .. and the surprise at the police station .. the friend is a young man with a wig and a dress!

A university girl in Kuwait complained to a security center about her friend who was accompanying her in the car, who later turned out to be a young man who "looks like the opposite sex."

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, "Al-Anbaa", a security source said: "The security men were surprised late on Wednesday evening when a car with two girls parked in front of the police station. About the reason for her distress.

The source added: The security men asked the two girls to enter the police station and complete the story, where the girl said: I am a university student and I got to know my friend that “refers to who she is sitting in front of,” and we went out together several times and spoke to her about the details of my life, but I did not believe and was shocked when she asked me to take Narcotics, I could not control myself and rushed to the police station to ask for help.

The source went on to say: It was the defendant's turn, who had long hair and was wearing a dress, as she claimed that what her friend had mentioned was not true and that she seemed to have suddenly become psychologically disturbed, which prompted her to do so.

And the source added, “It was necessary to verify the incident, as the girl who owns the car was asked to give one of the policemen the key so that the defendant’s personal identification could be brought. A 23-year-old woman also found drug paraphernalia in the bag.

Confronting the defendant with the identity, the police station officer asked her about this?

So she says: This is me..and I am mentioned in the civil ID, but in fact I am inclined to the opposite sex, so I wore their uniforms, and the woman who claims to be a girl was asked to remove the features of femininity, and it was, as she removed the wig, which is 75 cm long, to refer the seizures and the case to the Criminal Investigation Department, on charges of imitating the opposite sex and suspected of drug use.

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