An Indonesian citizen bought fries at a street vendor, and it shocked him by posting a picture and an article on social media stating that the wrapping paper was a 'corona positive result sheet'.

According to Tribune News on the 30th, on the 27th, a citizen of Depox, outside Jakarta, took a picture and posted it on Instagram, saying, "I bought gorengan a while ago, and it was wrapped in someone's corona-positive paper."

If you look at the photo of the packaging paper smeared with oil, on February 15 of this year, a woman underwent a COVID-19 gene amplification (PCR) test and was found to be positive.

The author of the post wrote, "Please be more careful with each other and spread the word."

Indonesians love fried food, so there are tempura stalls all over the street.

At the street stalls, a variety of fried foods, including bananas, sweet potatoes, cassava, tofu, tempe, and donuts, are wrapped in newspapers and waste paper and placed in plastic bags.

Locally, it was pointed out that packaging fried foods with newspaper or waste paper was unsanitary due to contaminants, and the controversy was repeated as waste paper containing personal information was often used for packaging.

In addition, this time, as it became known that the 'corona positive result sheet' was used for frying packaging, both netizens and health authorities reacted astonishingly.

"The test date on the packaging is February, so I don't think there is a possibility of corona infection through it," said City Nadia Tamaj, spokesperson for the Indonesian government's coronavirus vaccine program. and begged.

Depoxie's health officer said, "It's no use continuing to inform people that printed paper should not be used as food packaging.

The police also said, "We are investigating whether there is a possibility of being involved in crimes such as leakage of personal information."

(Photo=Instagram @infodepok_id, Yonhap News)