According to preliminary verification, as of 7:00 on the 22nd, 5 expressways and 45 ordinary national and provincial highways (13 new ones were added, and 2 traffic resumed) in Henan were interrupted due to water damage. The details are as follows:

  (1) Highway

  As of 7:00 on the 22nd, due to water damage, a total of 5 highways and 5 sections in Henan have been interrupted. The recovery time is to be determined. No vehicle or personnel detention has been reported.

The specific closed road sections are as follows:

  1. The northern half of Lianhuo Expressway (G30) from Shangjie to Gongyi is cut off, and the southern half of the single-lane section passes (K620+100 Baoshui River Middle Bridge requires bridge body inspection, and there are many landslides in the section).

  2. Two-way interruption of K49 in Xiuwu section of Zhengyun Expressway (S85) (the water level of Shahe Bridge rises over the highway subgrade).

  3. Luoluan Expressway (S96) Luoyang-Songxian section is interrupted in both directions (K26+500 is severely waterlogged, K33 and K42+350 slopes collapsed).

  4. Jiaotong Expressway (S49) Zhengzhou Gongyi section K60~K84 two-way interruption (multiple slopes collapse, road surface water).

  5. Zhengzhou Southwest Ring Expressway K30 is interrupted in both directions (the high side slope of the excavated section on the south side of the K30+318 separated interchange column is partially hollowed out and washed, and there is a risk of landslide).

  (2) Ordinary national and provincial highways

  As of 7 o'clock on the 22nd, there are 10 national highways and 15 provincial highways in Henan, a total of 45 sections due to heavy rainfall caused by road area water and landslides. There are 13 more places than yesterday, and 2 places are restored.

No reports of vehicles, detention and casualties were received.

The details of the affected road sections are as follows:

  G107, G234, G310, G343, S103, S227, S233, S235, S236 in Zhengzhou, G241 in Luoyang, G310 in Gongyi, S237, S241 in Ruzhou, G209, G241 in Sanmenxia, ​​G329 in Pingdingshan, G342, S227 in Xinxiang , S309, S227, S302 in Anyang, S220 in Luohe, G208 in Jiyuan, G241 in Luanchuan, G240 in Kaifeng, G107, G240, S225, S320, S321 in Xuchang, S312 in Xingyang, G107 in Hebi, G234 in Linzhou, G342.

(Headquarters reporter Li Juan)