June 18, 2021 Saman Abbas was killed by his uncle Danish Hasnain. The 16-year-old brother of the girl of Pakistani origin who disappeared for almost a month and a half in Novellara, in the lower Reggio area, reiterated this in the probative incident. 


testimony of the minor was crystallized

, confirming what he had already told the investigators about the murder of his eighteen-year-old sister. The young man is considered by the prosecutor's office to be a 'key' and reliable witness.

The hearing behind closed doors, this morning in court in front of the investigating judge in Reggio Emilia, began at 9.30 and lasted just over two hours. 

The two parents who fled to Pakistan, an uncle and a cousin, alleged perpetrators and fugitives in Europe and another cousin, currently in prison in Reggio Emilia and connected with the hearing, are under investigation for the murder. of today.

The brother, tracked down on May 10 while he too was trying to leave Italy and since then in a protected community, had already been heard and said that his uncle had confessed to him that he had killed the young woman, who had opposed a arranged marriage and wanted to leave the family, after returning home for a short time.

"Surely all the appropriate precautions have been taken by the judge to guarantee the minor serenity and avoid being intimidated by the environment", said the defense lawyer of the parents, who is trying to contact the couple, after having activated contacts. with the consulate of Pakistan.