Q. How do you feel about winning?

[Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Representative: I am still a bit confused because I am still working on the schedule after the party representative election today.]

Q. Why is 'rough thoughts and anxious eyes' and 'song parody' in the speeches?

[Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Representative: Actually, I thought that when I was serving as the party representative, there were basically expectations for new things and fears I had never been to.

That's why there are a lot of very unconventional things in my opinion.

So I expressed it as a rough thought, and because the psychology of party members contains such an anxious mind, I expressed it this way with anxious eyes.

Lyrics In fact, this song was something that most of the people would have heard at least once in a place called karaoke.

That's why I thought it was something I could



Q. 'Bibimbap Ron'...

What is the role of CEO Jun-seok Lee?

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: Now, if I want the ingredients to taste good, isn't it important to have red pepper paste in the end?

In the end, I want to play a role like gochujang, where the ingredients can shine the most.]

Q. What do young people want from CEO Lee Jun-seok?

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: I started to get excited after seeing the election campaign of Mayor Oh Se-hoon, although the younger generation communicated with me a lot before that. Because, for the first time, in the space of Yeouido, the politicians are starting to solve the topics that the young generation is interested in in the language of the young generation in a way that the young generation likes. I see this kind of attempt continued at the National Convention this time, and this is how I see it. Until this becomes a grammar point in Yeouido's politics, we can't help but be anxious.]

Q. What is your position on the point of 'not being polite'?

[Lee Jun-seok / Representative of People's Power: I saw Minister Yoo Si-min like that a lot when I was young, and there was an evaluation that said that the right words make me feel bad. . Professor Jin Joong-kwon, who has been actively communicating with me recently, is also necessary. Personally, I enjoy arguing and since I use a direct way of speaking, I have been thinking a lot about how to speak to the extent that I have been judged to be hard-working and direct and very polite, but I can't find a solution. So I think I found my own style and settled down.]

Q. Management of next year’s election is important… Possibility of joining Director Jaehyung Choi?

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: I have been hearing that he is a very good person for two years. So, my personal judgment is that he is a man enough to take on the presidency. However, he is the current Chief Auditor of the Moon Jae-in government and he is someone who should be very carefully audited by the Moon Jae-in government in the future. I am restraining myself because I think it is not polite.]

Q. What was the conversation you had during the congratulatory phone call from President Moon Jae-in?

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: First of all, I pray that the president will have successful diplomacy because he has a schedule to visit the G7. And since the presidential election is approaching, the opposition and opposition parties cannot go to a completely non-conflict state, but still, in some national crisis, he has said now that he will seek cooperation in areas that require such cooperation from the opposition party. , I responded with the intention that the opposition parties will cooperate very well for urgent national issues in this regard.

If I had to disclose one piece of nonsensical information, I actually got so many phone calls that I didn't see them. When the president called first, but now, Lee Cheol-hee, Senior Secretary for Political Affairs, communicates very well with me, so I looked for and answered the phone again and called right away. I always talk about it, but the people will be moved only when concrete results come out, so I will try to build my own model once in the relationship with the president and with CEO Song Young-gil.]  

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