China News Service, May 26. According to the Russian Satellite Network report, on the 25th local time, German Chancellor Merkel said that at the EU summit held on the 24th, she called on the EU to engage in dialogue with Russia.

Data map: German Chancellor Merkel.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

  According to reports, Merkel told the media after the summit, "The views can be different, but we still have to talk and meet. In the interaction with the Russian president, this is what I did."

  Merkel also said, "In the discussion about Russia yesterday (May 24), I also called on the EU to do so as a whole."

  On the same day, the White House announced that US President Biden and Russian President Putin will meet in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

In this regard, Merkel said that she is very happy that Russia and the United States can hold a summit meeting.