There was a major accident in which two planes collided over the United States, but miraculously, no casualties occurred.

On the 13th local time, foreign media including the US ABC reported that no one was found to be injured or killed during an airplane crash in Denver, Colorado.

On the 12th, two light aircraft flying towards Denver Airport collided with each other near the point of landing.

The green plane had one pilot on board, and the red plane had a pilot and one passenger.

Shortly after the crash, the red plane began to plunge toward the nearby residential area, and the green plane was on the verge of falling apart because of the shock.

However, the pilots of both planes had different bases.

The red plane deployed a large parachute in time, slowing down the descent and successfully landing on a residential vacant lot.

The pilot was also safe and there was no damage to the nearby residents.

The green plane, which continued to fly with the debris suspended, landed at Denver Airport as scheduled.

Witnesses who were astonished to see the half-scattered plane were once again astonished as the pilot and passengers walked out smoothly from the inside.

Denver Security Officer John Bartman said: "Everyone involved in the accident must buy a lottery ticket. I haven't seen or heard people in a plane crash going home on their feet."

"The pilots were wise to deal with it, but the debris from the plane fell onto the ground, but there was no human injury or damage to the building. Great luck," he explained.

Separately, however, security officials said they would investigate the crash of the two planes and hold them accountable.

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(Photo ='SouthMetroPIO' Twitter,'ABC7' YouTube)