China News Service, Changchun, May 16 (Reporter Guo Jia) On the 16th, Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held its campus open day for the first time since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, attracting citizens to visit and visit.

On the same day, the school also held the Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival for the first time.

  The theme of this year’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Festival is "Promoting the Quintessence of the Chinese Culture and Celebrating the 100th Anniversary". It has a school achievement area, a teaching and scientific research area, a venue opening area, a cultural experience area, a traditional sports practice area, an innovation and entrepreneurship achievement area, etc. 6 open exhibition areas.

  The reporter saw at the scene that there were people in every exhibition area stopping with great interest, carefully browsing the pictures and text on the exhibition board.

In places such as the Jilin Provincial Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuyun Liuqi Demonstration Hall, Qixing Baicao Garden and other places, citizens are also actively participating in various experience activities.

  The most popular place is the free clinic. There are long lines of citizens waiting for TCM experts to get pulses, ask for consultations, and prescribe prescriptions. If you are patient enough, you can even enjoy massage and massage by volunteers from the school’s Boshuo medical service team. And other health services.

  Some citizens believe that even if science and technology are so advanced today, the mystery of TCM theory is not fully understood and understood, but its curative effect is tangible. This fully proves the oriental culture represented by TCM culture. Broad and profound.

  The prominent role of Chinese medicine in fighting the epidemic has strengthened the Chinese people's sense of identity and cultural confidence in Chinese medicine.

The reporter found that due to the hot enrollment, the admission scores of many Chinese medicine colleges and universities in China have been improved, and the quality of students is unprecedentedly good.

  Mr. Wang, a citizen of Changchun, brought his daughter who is about to take the college entrance examination to visit.

He said that his daughter is very interested in Chinese medicine, especially the performance of Chinese medicine in the anti-epidemic process, which further stimulated her enthusiasm for learning.

He is very supportive of his daughter's decision.

  Founded in 1958, Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a provincial key university in Jilin Province. It is the first batch of institutions approved by the Ministry of Education of China to accept and train foreign students, students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and Chinese government scholarships to study in China.