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As actor Yoon Yeo-jung receives the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, there is also an interest in the prize money given to the winners.

There are no official prizes for the Oscars other than trophies.

However, actor Yoon has been receiving a'sweg bag', a gift bag from a local marketing company since 2000.

It is said that the value of the'Sweg Bag' is 205,000 dollars, and our money amounts to 230 million won.

It is said that this year, with the theme of'The Year of the Worrying Pandemic', the preparation was mainly focused on health and welfare.

It includes resort accommodation vouchers and spa vouchers at Swedish luxury hotels, exercise packages with world-renowned health trainers, and premium vitamin therapy, as well as pure gold e-cigarettes, free liposuction vouchers, and more.

Netizens responded, "It's literally a'sweg' bag. It suits actor Yoon.", "Actor Yoon Yeo-jung who made the people laugh~ I applaud the path you've been on!"

(Screen source: Distinctive Assets)