April 20, 2021 "These two convictions have always united me with the 5 Star Movement: to consider the principle of the autonomy of the judiciary to be indisputable and to consider fundamental the fight against violence against women, a battle we have always fought on the front line, suffice remember the introduction of the rules on the red code when we shared the responsibility of government. These principles will continue to inform our political action and inspire our cultural battles ". This is how Giuseppe Conte comments on the story of Beppe Grillo's video.

I know Beppe's sensitivity, but the girl and her family must be protected

"I have had the opportunity to speak with Beppe Grillo on several occasions and I am well aware of his sensitivity on such delicate issues. I am well aware of how much this family affair has tried and upset him. It is an affair that is afflicting him, his wife, the son and the whole family. I understand the concerns and anguish of a father, but we cannot overlook the fact that there are other people in this affair, who must be protected and whose feelings must be absolutely respected, namely the young girl directly involved in the story and his family members who will surely also be experiencing moments of pain and suffering ".

This was stated in a note by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, leader in pectore of the M5s, commenting on the story of the video dedicated by the founder of the Movement to the story of the rape allegations for his son Ciro.

"In this affair - added Conte - there is also a fundamental principle that we can never lose sight of: the autonomy and work of the judiciary must always be respected. Therefore also in this case we are waiting for the magistrates to carry out their checks" .