Hearing of the forensic pathologist at the Chauvin trial: the defense of the ex-police officer scores points

Dr. Andrew Baker, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on George Floyd, during the trial of ex-policeman Derek Chauvin on April 9, 2021 in Minneapolis.


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After two weeks of hearings in Minneapolis, one of the most anticipated witnesses in the murder trial of ex-policeman Derek Chauvin spoke on Friday April 9: Dr. Andrew Baker, who performed George's autopsy Floyd.

And during this hearing, the defense of the ex-police officer may have scored points, because the forensic scientist considers drugs as one of the aggravating factors that caused the death of the African-American.


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With our correspondent in San Francisco,

Éric de Salve

It was he, Dr. Andrew Baker, who performed

George Floyd's

first autopsy


A " 


 ", he concludes in the death certificate.

Cause of death: " 

cardiopulmonary arrest by compression of the neck during immobilization by the police


But the forensic pathologist also retains secondary factors to explain the death of the African-American man on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis (Minnesota).

He points to his heart failure and drug use.

Blessed bread for Derek Chauvin's lawyer, who has been trying to prove

since the start of the trial

that George Floyd would have died of an overdose, and that George Floyd would not have died during his arrest if he had not consumed narcotics.


In your opinion, did drugs and heart failure play a role in George Floyd's death?

 », Asks Eric Nelson.


In my opinion, yes,

 ” Dr. Baker replies.

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An embarrassing answer for the prosecution, which immediately cross-examines Dr. Baker.

What is the cause of death of George Floyd, according to you today?

 »Asks the prosecution lawyer.

My analysis is the same, the death is due to a cardio-respiratory arrest caused by the immobilization of the police by pressure on the neck

 ", answers the medical examiner.

So these other factors, you don't see them as direct causes?"

 », Resumes the accusation.

These are not direct causes, they are factors that contributed to the death of Mr. Floyd, it is true

 ", answers Andrew Baker again.

But it is the defense of Derek Chauvin who scored points this Friday, by repeating and confirming by this key witness that the torture imposed on George Floyd by the former police officer could not be the sole cause of his dead.


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