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  • Coronavirus: over 470 thousand cases worldwide, 550 thousand deaths in the US

  • Coronavirus.

    Over 128 million cases and 2.8 million deaths since the start of the pandemic


03 April 2021 There are over 130 million infections from Covid-19 in the



This is what emerges from the update of the data by Johns Hopkins University which records 130,260,529 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The most affected country remains the

United States

with 30,608,365 cases, followed by


(12,910,082) and


(12,392,260): fourth is


(4,802,457) with


following 4,511,973 infections and

Great Britain

at 4,367,969.




with 3,629,000 cases.



has recorded 190 deaths Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, for a total of 203,854 deaths.

The Ministry of Health reported yesterday, also reporting 5,381 new infections, for a total of 2,247,357 confirmed cases.

However, the official death toll could be much higher, since on March 28 the same federal government reported in its most up-to-date "excess mortality" report that the country had recorded 294,287 deaths associated with Covid up to 13. February, after studying the death certificates.

Based on these data and those reported daily, the country would easily exceed 300,000 coronavirus deaths, a figure that would place it on the same level as Brazil, second behind the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Furthermore, Mexico occupies the fourteenth place in the world for the number of infections.

The German health authorities have announced that 18,129 new cases of Coronavirus infection have been registered in


in the last 24 hours


The deaths attributed to Covid-19 were 120. A week ago, the Robert Koch Institut recorded 20,742 new infections and 157 deaths within 24 hours.