China News Service, March 31. According to comprehensive Korean media reports, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on the 30th approved the first-year high school textbook to be used from next year. Island) sovereignty.

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately issued a statement, expressing a strong protest against Japan's use of high school textbooks that provoked Dokdo's sovereignty.

Data map: South Korean people boycott Japanese goods.

  According to reports, the South Korean government issued a statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson on the 30th, expressing a strong protest against Japan’s approval of high school textbooks that provoked Dokdo’s sovereignty and urged Japan to immediately correct it.

  The statement stated that the Japanese government has approved the textbooks "based on the country's central historical outlook, not truthfully recording history".

Regardless of history, geography, or international law, "Dokdo is undoubtedly South Korea's inherent territory." The Japanese side has once again reviewed and approved teaching materials that claim Dokdo sovereignty. This is infuriating. South Korea strongly condemns this practice. .

  On the afternoon of the 30th, Lee Sang-yeol, director of the Asia-Pacific Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, also met with the Minister General of the Japanese Embassy in South Korea, Sang Ma Hongshang, and lodged a protest on the matter.

  According to the Korean Broadcasting Corporation, experts expect that when Japanese students use textbooks that include Japan’s unilateral claim of sovereignty over Dokdo, the stalemate between South Korea and Japan will be due to historical issues such as Japan’s forced conquest of Korean labor and Japan’s forced conquest of comfort women. Further deteriorated.