Gérald Darmanin visited the Aubiers police station in Bordeaux on Thursday.


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  • Gérald Darmanin announced a reinforcement of 140 police officers in Bordeaux.

  • He believes that the situation there is worrying and that the fight against drug trafficking must be a priority.

  • Mayor Pierre Hurmic is satisfied with this announcement, highlighting the planned increase in staff also within the municipal police.

By next spring, 140 additional police officers will be stationed in Bordeaux.

The Minister of the Interior chose to go to the Aubiers police station, a Bordeaux district mourning the death of a 16-year-old youngster killed with an automatic weapon on January 2, 2021, to detail his announcement, in the Sud newspaper -West Wednesday.

"From the archives of the national police, 140 police officers announced by the Minister of the Interior in a large city of France like Bordeaux, that does not exist", underlines Gérald Darmanin. 

“There was a lack of police officers in the public security district of Bordeaux: 70 will arrive this year and 70 before April next year, develops Gérald Darmanin.

As there are about twenty retirements or mobility, it will be 120 police officers in net more ”.

They will be mobilized on the ground, for public security.

"Blue in the street"

Green mayor Pierre Hurmic is delighted with this announcement.

“I have been asking for the reinforcement of staff in Bordeaux for several months, delinquency has increased steadily since 2015. And when I received Prime Minister Jean Castex on February 19, this is one of the points on which I 'I insisted'.

He hopes for "blue in the street", especially in the most affected districts (Bordeaux Nord, la Bastide, Saint-Michel, la Gare).

"We hope that our new colleagues will efficiently strengthen the overdue services following a reform of the structures which had become in force without staff, in January", reacts to

20 Minutes

Bruno Vincendon, deputy zonal secretary of the alternative police union.

Priority to the fight against drug trafficking

If the State increases the number of staff so much, it is in reaction to a particular situation considered worrying.

"There are three times more attacks on property than on national territory and twice as many attacks on people, this must be taken into consideration, in a city that was not necessarily very used to it", points out the minister.

“The points of deals are worrying in the department and particularly in the Bordeaux conurbation, estimates Gérald Darmanin.

This is the main job with which I charge the police because this traffic gives rise to a lot of delinquency: burglaries to pay one's dose, assaults, road accidents, settling of scores, brawls etc.

This community police will harass the deal points.


For his part, the mayor wishes to point out that “the efforts are not unilateral”, recalling that 30 new municipal police stations are being created, and that a local security diagnosis will begin in the coming days.

It also highlights the prevention and mediation efforts, deployed in particular in schools.


Darmanin wants to strengthen security around places of worship before religious holidays


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