China News Service, Beijing, March 6 (Guo Chaokai) The Second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Second Academy) on the 6th revealed the secrets of a new generation of export-oriented accompanying field air defense missile system HQ known as the "low-altitude hunter" -17AE.

This system is a new member of the "Flying Mongoose" family of short-range air defense missiles in the Second Academy.

  According to reports, the HQ-17AE air defense system has advanced performance, using all-solid-state phased array radar, vertical cold launch, direct force rapid turn, rotating tail and many other advanced technologies. The system has a short response time and can adapt to the complex electromagnetic environment of the battlefield. The tanks can fight independently and have the ability to launch on the move, and multiple tanks can also be networked for operations.

  "Ability to intercept high-performance targets", "Strong anti-saturation attack capability", "Integrated tanks and bicycles, using wheeled off-road chassis, and strong maneuverability"... A series of high-performance indicators and advanced technologies make HQ The -17AE air defense system is well received.

  As an accompanying short-range air defense weapon system that can accompany mechanized forces in combat, the HQ-17AE system can effectively intercept various fixed-wing aircraft, armed helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, tactical air-to-surface missiles, anti-radiation air-to-surface missiles, and subsonic cruise missiles. , And can intercept stealth aircraft, supersonic cruise missiles and rockets.

Each tank can carry 8 missiles, and can simultaneously guide 4 missiles to intercept 4 targets. It has excellent multi-target interception capabilities.

  The Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation stated that the system is the best choice for short-range air defense at the end of the field and air defense on important grounds in a modern war environment.