The United States and the EU-European Union have agreed to suspend each other's retaliatory tariffs for four months in a prolonged trade dispute over aircraft manufacturers.

The Biden administration is working to restore relations with its allies in order to cooperate with and counter China.

The U.S. and the EU confront each other, saying that subsidies to their respective aircraft manufacturers are unreasonable, and the U.S. puts high tariffs on EU wines and cheeses, and the EU puts high tariffs on U.S. seafood. It is developing.

US President Joe Biden and EU Chairman Von der Leyen had a telephone conversation on the issue on the 5th and agreed to suspend each other's tariff measures for four months.

The joint statement emphasizes that it will resolve the prolonged conflict, saying that it "shows the determination to restart the relationship between the two."

In addition, he cited "countermeasures against unfair trade practices such as China" as an issue to be tackled by both parties, and expressed his intention to jointly counter China in this compromise.

The Biden administration, which was launched in January, is reviewing its trade policy in order to restore relations with the jerky allies of the previous administration, and the day before, it had agreed with the United Kingdom on similar measures. It was.