- We had to introduce distance education here in western Götaland with reference to the fact that there has been a spread of infection in the mountain areas where students have been on sports leave.

If the ski holiday goes beyond the students' teaching, then I do not think the ski resorts should be allowed to stay open.

That is what the pandemic law is for, says Fredrik Håkansson, principal at Stenbocksskolan in Ulricehamn.

The students take the beating

Fredrik Håkansson believes that it is the most vulnerable students who are hardest hit by the schools being forced to close. 

- It is about students who feel bad at home and need to be able to go to school.

It is also a group of students who can rarely go on holiday with their families, so it is really the students who take the beating here, says Håkansson.

Can you find a way for both schools and ski resorts to be open?

- You can certainly do that, but if you allow this type of travel, the Government must take more measures to reduce the risk of school closures.

The school is the last thing to be closed down.

Maybe students who have been in the mountains can be quarantined when they get home.

Important how to act

Region Jämtland Härjedalen believes, however, that there is no major risk of spending a sports holiday in the mountains.

- The important thing is how you act, not where you are.

If you follow the recommendations, it makes no difference if you are in the mountains or elsewhere during the sports holiday, says Annika Ersson, assistant infection control doctor at Region Jämtland Härjedalen.

In the video above, you hear more about how the principal and the infection control doctor reason about how the sports holiday has been and about the mountain trips.