Do you dare to predict what the corona situation will be like in a year?

Bill Gates:

We will have overcome the most dramatic consequences of the pandemic, even if the virus is still likely to circulate somewhere in the world.

The question is whether we will be able to reduce the number of infections to zero or whether Covid-19 will become an endemic disease and we will continue to have to vaccinate a lot on a regular basis.

We do not know that, yet.

It would be ideal if the virus is no longer transmitted from person to person.

Apart from that: the shops will reopen, there will be public events again, permanently as soon as at least 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated.

By this summer, things will be back to normal for the most part.

And by 2022, countries in Europe or the USA will have recovered almost completely and large public events will also be able to be celebrated again.


And the new Covid mutations?

Won't they affect your forecast?