“In connection with investigations initiated (October 2020) concerning both children, attention is drawn to the fact that the children lived under threat, control and physical violence throughout their upbringing.

There is a high suspicion that there has also been sexual abuse in the home.

This also applies to the children's two older siblings ”.

This was stated, among other things, in the report that Kalmar municipality itself made to IVO.

IVO satisfied with the municipality's investigation

IVO has now examined the municipality's own investigation and they have come to the conclusion that according to the IVO decision, the municipality has both reviewed what went wrong back in time and implemented measures to prevent this type of error from recurring.

IVO also assesses that the municipality acted quickly to stop the misconduct when it was discovered.

Both children were taken into care according to the Act on the Care of Young People, LVU, when their situation eventually became known to the social services.

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Lotta Hedström, operations manager at the unit for children and families at the Social Administration in Kalmar municipality, explains why there may be errors in assessments.

Photo: SVT / TT