Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) - Before the first anniversary of the Hanau attack, the Anne Frank educational institution and the response advice center called for more targeted help for those affected and for a resolute reappraisal.

“Immediately after the attack, politics and society assured the Hanau victims of their sympathy and solidarity and promised quick help.

A year later, however, many of those affected are facing the shards of their livelihoods, ”said Liisa Pärssinen, head of the Hessian response agency for those affected by right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence.

"The relatives of the victims are hardly listened to and they have to fight hard for help themselves."

It is true that the city of Hanau and civil society groups in particular did a lot for those affected, and the federal government also provided hardship for victims of extremist attacks.

But the financial aid was not enough, Pärssinen emphasizes.

“Many of the people affected are temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of the attack.

Some have to compensate for the lost income of a murdered family member. "

Pärssinen complains that the state of Hesse in particular has not provided enough concrete support so far.

The planned Hessian victim fund for all victims of acts of violence, with an endowment of two million euros, could not bring long-term financial relief for those affected and misunderstood the political dimension of the attack.

"In no other federal state have there been as many deaths from right-wing violence as in Hesse in the past two years," said Pärssinen.

"We are calling for a victim fund for victims of right-wing violence, as other federal states have already implemented."


It is only thanks to the persistent discussion by survivors and relatives of the murdered that fatal omissions, such as the unavailable police emergency number on the night of the crime, the locked emergency exit of a crime scene or the perpetrator's unhindered access to the murder weapons, became public, said Meron Mendel, the director of the Anne Frank educational institution.

"The accounts of the survivors and bereaved indicate that at least some of the murders could have been prevented."

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