• Migrants: Ocean Viking saves 120 people.

    Among the survivors also a one month old baby

  • Migrants, NGOs: 106 people rescued in international waters


24 January 2021 The Ocean Viking ship, of the NGO SOS Mediterranèe, will arrive tomorrow morning in the port of Augusta (Syracuse), carrying 373 migrants, victims of a shipwreck off the Mediterranean.

This was confirmed to the AGI by the prefect of Syracuse, Giusi Scaduto, who has already informed the mayor of Augusta, Giuseppe Di Mare.

The news of the ship's arrival was anticipated by Sergio Scandura of Radio Radicale. 

The 373 survivors traveling on four rubber boats were rescued by Sos Mediterranée in three different operations within 48 hours.

Among them 21 infants and 35 children.

There are 131 unaccompanied minors. 

This morning the organization had launched a new call for the immediate disembarkation of the rescued people: "In the central Mediterranean the weather is deteriorating rapidly. Many of the 373 people rescued by Ocean Viking are seasick. The waves are rising and there "is a way of shelter, at sea. The survivors need a Safe Harbor urgently." 

UPDATE Weather in the #CentralMed is deteriorating rapidly.

Many of the 373 people rescued by #OceanViking are seasick.

Swells are increasing & there is no place we can shelter at sea.

The survivors urgently need a Place of Safety.


- SOS MEDITERRANEE (@SOSMedIntl) January 24, 2021