Viewers of the series "The Ambassador's Daughter" (Sefirin Kizi) were surprised by the announcement of the withdrawal of work heroine Neslihan Atagul, due to health conditions that require complete rest and constant medical follow-up;

Which caused a state of great sadness among the followers of the series.

The organizers of the series announced that the famous Turkish actress, Tuba Buyukustun, known in the Arab world as "Lamis", has joined the cast.

Introductions to Neslihan withdrawal

Signs of pallor and weakness began to appear on Atagül in the final weeks of the series, and with the escalation of dramatic events and the depth of the tragic character that she represented, this pallor seemed to be a requirement of the same dramatic context, but her weight loss in a remarkable manner made it a danger to her life, which forced her to immediately stop completing filming .

Turkish production companies usually set impotent penal conditions in the contracts of major series for the main heroes of work, as filming takes place in conjunction with broadcasting, and such surprises cause heavy losses to production companies, but this time the production company stood helpless, with nothing but wishing for a speedy recovery for Atagul.

Atagol disease

The leaks from the local press came about Atagul's infection with Leaky gut syndrome, and according to the National Health Authority in England, it is a syndrome that affects the intestinal wall due to excessive intake of antibiotics or severe malnutrition, which may cause undigested food particles and types of bacteria to leak out of the wall. Intestine into the bloodstream, resulting in severe inflammation.

It is believed that this syndrome is usually caused by other health problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue, rheumatoid disease or multiple sclerosis.

This makes rest mandatory to treat this syndrome with the necessity to follow a strict diet.

The dramatic plot of the series revolves around the ambassador's daughter, who was exposed to severe psychological crises, which began with rape after her 18th birthday party, and her father, the ambassador, abandoned her, and instead of defending her, he defended the rapist for his personal interests.

After "Nari" (Neslihan Atagul) tries to flee to her beloved son of the farmer "Sinjar" (played by Engin Akyurek), she tries to marry him, believing that this marriage deters him from taking revenge on the rapist.

Join Tuba Buyukustun

There was no question between the series’s team, the production company and the channels that broadcast the second season of the premise of canceling or stopping filming the series for a while.

The team announced Tuba's joining the series, which was also confirmed by the famous Turkish actress on her Instagram page, but with a completely new personality, and Tuba expressed her happiness to join a team that includes Engin Akyurek, her partner in previous successful works, and screenwriter Elem is a close friend of Tuba. Which explains the speed at which an actress the size of Tuba joined the crossroads.

Three episodes of the series were shown this week without Neslihan or Tuba, and the team settled with putting down the disappearance of "Nari" from the events, and her escape due to her father's pressure on her to marry her lover's friend, "Gediz", which she could not bear and made her leave the city, despite that situation Inconsistent with the role of "Nari" as the main character in the action, but it seems that this was the only solution until the scenario is balanced again and Tuba appears as the new character.

And still the "Tatar" (advertisement) of the series in the front and end bears the image of Neslihan Atagul as the heroine of the work.

And the series bears the name of the ambassador's daughter, "Nari", so how can filming be resumed without her?

This is what the upcoming events will reveal.