Here are the best safety gates for your baby.



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The baby safety gate is very important to monitor your little one, because it gives the possibility of easily blocking access to a staircase for example, and of protecting your baby from the dangers of your interior.

Its formats are varied (sliding, without drilling, extensible…) and adapt to your needs.

Zoom on the baby safety gate

The safety barrier fixed at the door or between two walls

This option allows you to protect your little one from the steps of the stairs, keeping them safe in a room.

Note that you will need to place your barrier far enough away from dangerous objects such as the electrical outlet or fragile objects.

During this time, you will be able to carry out your daily tasks without worrying about your little one.

Baby safety gate on the garden gate

If you have a garden, it is indeed a good idea to install a barrier on its door to prevent your little one from venturing outside.

Often, this type of barrier has openwork bars allowing your child to observe his environment in complete safety.

What size for my baby safety gate?

It is important to invest in a safety barrier with a height of at least 75 cm so that your little one does not get over it.

In addition, the spacing between the bars should not exceed 6.5 cm so that your baby cannot fit his feet or head through them.

A word of advice: choose a solid material for the bars, because your baby may shake the barrier.

Small selection of the best baby safety gates on the market

Black babydan: the large baby safety gate

Black babydan - DR

This baby safety gate is an ideal size: it is wide enough to offer your little one a suitable safety perimeter (opening from 90 to 278 cm), without it being too small for him.

The assembly and disassembly are very simple: they are carried out using a pipe fitting system.

In addition, the Babydan has a gate that you can decide to open or not.

In this case, you will just have to step over to reach the other side.

You can install it on your landing for example.

The pluses and minuses of the Babydan black baby safety gate:

Most :

  • Wide and adjustable space;

  • Very simple assembly and disassembly;

  • Optional gate.

The lessers :

  • The door can sometimes become offset.

Get the black Babydan here

Munchkin: the practical baby safety gate

Munchkin - DR

Very simple to attach, this baby safety gate is easy to install.

It has 4 contact points (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) operating with a simple pressure.

So you can install it wherever you want without the need for a tool.

Easy to handle, it can be carried with one hand.

Its little extra: it has a pressure indicator indicating the correct installation of your barrier.

The pros and cons of the Munchkin baby safety gate:

Most :

  • Very easy to fix;

  • Very easy to handle;

  • Pressure indicator for installation.

The lessers :

  • RAS.

Get the Munchkin here

KiddyGuard: the ergonomic baby safety gate

Badabulle - DR

With its stretched canvas wall, the KiddyGuard safety barrier hangs very easily between two vertical supports.

Its white color gives it a nice design side while remaining discreet.

Practical to store, it rolls up in a box and is therefore not bulky in your home.

Please note: the KiddyGuard is intended for children up to three years old.

The pros and cons of the KiddyGuard baby safety gate:

Most :

  • Easy to hang canvas material;

  • Discreet ;

  • Space-saving.

The lessers :

  • Screw a little too visible.

Get the Kiddyguard here

Metal babydan: one of the strongest baby safety barriers around

Metal babydan - DR

The material of this safety barrier is definitely its strong point.

Designed in metal, it is solid and adapts to wall widths ranging from 67 to 105.5 cm.

You will therefore be spoiled for choice for its location (landing, bedroom, staircase, kitchen, etc.).

Its little extra: its door opens silently and avoids disturbing your baby too much.

You can also wear it with one hand, even with your baby in the other arm.

The pros and cons of the Babydan metal baby safety gate:

Most :

  • Strong and durable material;

  • Adapted to several wall widths;

  • Silent door;

  • Easily manipulated.

The lessers :

  • A little complex assembly instructions.

Get the metal Babydan here

Badabulle: the tailor-made baby safety barrier

Badabulle - DR

Like its sister Babydan metal, this safety barrier adapts to a wide range of wall widths, between 63 and 103.5 cm.

Its screw fixing system also guarantees good stability.

Practical, it can also extend its opening width if you add specific extensions.

Finally, you will appreciate its sunny yellow color, ideal to illuminate the universe of your little one.

The pros and cons of the Badabulle baby safety gate:

Most :

  • Opening adaptable to a wide field of width;

  • Possibility of widening the opening with additional extensions;

  • Playful color and design.

The lessers :

  • A bit complex to assemble.

Get the Badabulle here

You are all set to buy the best baby safety gate, suitable for your little one's daily life.

Remember to take the measurements of your spaces before making the purchase, to be sure to be able to fix it where you want it.

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