Kiel (AP) - Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi from the German record handball champions THW Kiel has defended the players of his club who do not want to take part in the World Cup.

"In view of the pandemic and the complexity of the challenges, no one should take out the right to judge individual decisions made by individuals," Szilagyi said on Friday.

National goalkeeper Andreas Wolff had criticized his former Kiel team-mates Hendrik Pekeler, Patrick Wiencek and Steffen Weinhold for not participating in the World Cup.

“In these special times, professional handball players also face special challenges away from the field, hygiene concepts and sporting results.

Like many other people, they too have to organize everyday life with their families, ensure the best possible care and support for their children in view of contact restrictions and closed daycare centers.

As THW Kiel, we cannot and do not want to interfere in the personal decision of the players, ”emphasized Szilagyi and added:“ Five of our players decided against participating in the World Cup, six in favor.

Everyone has the full support of THW Kiel. "

Wolff had accused the Kiel players of not bothering them to be active with the THW in the Champions League and to travel to countries that have been classified as corona risk areas.

In the Champions League, however, it was a short stay with an immediate return trip after the game.

The World Cup lasts almost three weeks, during which the players are not available to their families in the lockdown phase.


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