China News Service, December 29. According to a Reuters report, on the 29th local time, the Ministry of Health of India stated in a statement that the country had discovered six people infected with the mutant new coronavirus in recent weeks.

Data map: India under the epidemic.

  According to reports, the 6 infected people are all from the UK and are currently in isolation.

The Ministry of Health also stated that close contacts of these 6 people have also been quarantined.

  According to reports, India has suspended all flights from the UK and will continue until the end of December.

However, the Ministry of Health revealed that from late November to before the ban, about 33,000 passengers had flown from the UK to India.

  The Ministry of Health stated that 114 of the 33,000 people were found to be infected with the new coronavirus.

The epidemic prevention department of India is testing these samples to confirm whether they are infected with the mutant new coronavirus.

  The UK has recently announced the discovery of a mutant strain of the new crown. The transmission capacity of the new variant virus may be 70% higher than the original virus.

  Following the United Kingdom, more than ten countries have been infected with the mutant new crown virus, including European countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, etc., as well as countries such as Japan and Lebanon.