It actually happened that the word to be careful when passing by a tall building in the winter was true.

As China enters the winter season, injuries caused by icicles are continuing.

According to Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) on the 3rd, a man in his 30s, who was on the way to work on the 27th of last month in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, was accidentally killed by an icicle falling from a high-rise while passing through an apartment complex.

The man died on the spot as he was passing between apartment buildings when a large icicle struck the apartment wall.

Earlier, the apartment complex made an A4 sized warning about the risk of an icicle accident and posted it nearby, but it is said that the man's accident could not be prevented.

Shortly after the man's incident, the apartment complex began work on the installation and refurbishment of danger boundaries for the apartment.

The man's bereaved side complained, "It is said that the apartment side posted a warning in A4 paper, but it is difficult to say that it was properly warned because it is hard to see in reality."

Since the end of last month, in Changchun region, after snow and rain in winter, the temperature has dropped below freezing, causing a lot of icicles on the eaves of trees and buildings, causing related accidents one after another.

On the 21st of last month, a boy in Changchun was hit by an icicle and broke his nose, and a few days later, a woman was injured by an icicle that fell while walking on the street.

Therefore, the Emergency Management Bureau of Changchun City said that a lot of icicles are occurring during the winter season, and passers-by have issued a warning order to walk, paying special attention to the falling of icicles from the high floors.

Chinese health experts warned that even though the icicles falling from the 10th floor and above are as small as eggs, the shock to the right person could lead to death.

(Photo = Captured by China Central TV, Yonhap News)