Munich / Nuremberg (dpa) - The corona pandemic dampens the Christmas shopping mood of many citizens.

Two surveys by the Nuremberg-based market researcher GfK and the Check24 portal show that a considerable number of people in Germany want to restrict themselves when buying gifts.

GfK expects retail sales in the Christmas business to be as high as last year at EUR 19.8 billion.

But many older people aged 50 and over want to spend less.

"Especially people between the ages of 50 and 59 who are about to retire are very worried about the effects of the corona pandemic on their personal financial situation," said GfK consumer researcher Petra Süptitz.

Accordingly, almost half of 50 to 74-year-olds think it is right to forego the usual Christmas hustle and bustle this year, including reluctance to give gifts.


Check24 asked, regardless of age, whether Corona would change Christmas spending: 28 percent of those surveyed answered that they wanted to spend less.

57 percent said the pandemic has no impact on their shopping plans, while three percent want to spend more.

According to GfK, it is the younger ones who are sometimes even planning significantly more money to buy gifts.

Like many others, GfK predicted that the share of online retailing would increase sharply.

The survey institute YouGov surveyed 2075 citizens on behalf of Check24 from November 18 to 20, the GfK surveyed 1000 citizens from November 11 to 17.

The two representative surveys were carried out independently of one another.


At the same time, according to another survey, the willingness of people in Germany to donate is decreasing during the Corona crisis.

Almost a quarter want to donate less money to social and non-profit organizations this year because of the pandemic, as a survey by the opinion research institute Civey on behalf of the consulting company Phineo shows.

13 percent want to give more money.

A majority of 55 percent of all respondents do not want to change their donation behavior.

According to the survey, willingness to donate is falling, especially among AfD and FDP voters - 61 percent of AfD supporters and 43 percent of FDP supporters want to give less.

With CDU voters it is 18 percent, with voters of the Left Party 19. Among voters of the Greens, 7.4 percent, very few respondents want to donate less money to organizations.

Above all, people between 30 and 39 years of age plan to reduce their donations - 33 percent of them want to give less, according to the survey of a good 2,500 people.

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