Marlène Lutz, the "yellow vest" who had received the baton from the police officer on January 12.


T. Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

The judgment caused a stir last June.

A Strasbourg peacekeeper was then sentenced to eighteen months in prison suspended by the criminal court of the Alsatian capital.

He had been found guilty of having injured a "yellow vest" with a baton during the demonstration on January 12.

That day, the policeman had struck him at least once in the head.

The victim, a 62-year-old retiree who walked on a crutch, had received 11 stitches.

Five mirrors later, the defendant saw his sentence reduced by the Colmar court of appeal, reports the Latest News from Alsace.

"I do not dispute my guilt, but in my opinion the facts were not well enough understood", he had indicated during his hearing at the end of October.

The police officer was half heard and again convicted of aggravated violence, with a weapon and by the custodian of public authority in the exercise of his functions.

However, his sentence was reduced by almost half, to ten months suspended prison sentence.

He will also not have the right to carry a weapon for two years, against five in the first instance.

Aged 47, the peace officer is still not immune from a disciplinary sanction which could go as far as dismissal.


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