November 25, 2020 In Scotland all products related to the menstrual cycle will be free.

Parliament approved it with a unanimous vote, making the country the first in the world to take this path.

The Period Products Bill makes it a legal right to have free access to healthcare products in public buildings.

"We all agree that no one should worry about where the next tampons or sanitary pads come from," Monica Lennon, the deputy who tabled the bill, said ahead of the Edinburgh vote.

"We won't be the last to do it but we have a chance to be first," he added.   

Health products are free for pupils and students in Scotland, but the law now requires ministers to set up a nationwide program to ensure anyone can access them.

Schools, high schools and universities must also make a range of free products available in their bathrooms, "she explained. 

The Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, also welcomes the decision." Proud to vote for this revolutionary law, which makes Scotland the first country in the world to provide free cycle products for all those who need them, "she wrote on her Twitter account." An important policy for women and girls, "she added. 

"This campaign was supported by a broad coalition of trade unions, women's organizations and charities," Lennon stressed - "It is a signal to the world that free universal access to menstruation products can be guaranteed," she concluded. .