The employees are entitled to work for more than one establishment on a "partial" system ... and the sponsor's approval is not a requirement

Human Resources: The suspension of work in any establishment does not allow the suspension of wages of workers

The “Emiratisation” permit for part-time work is valid for one year.


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation affirmed that the disruption of business in any private sector establishment is not considered a justification or a reason that permits the suspension of the wages of its employees, stressing that this procedure is a violation that requires accountability of the employer, while it stated that the consent of the sponsor or the employer is not a condition for the worker's joining the working hours. Part time with one or more other establishments besides his original work, as long as other employers have obtained part-time permits for him.

In detail, the Ministry stated that it allows all workers and employees in the private sector to work for more than one establishment under the part-time contract system, without requiring the approval of the original employer or any other employer for which the employee works partially.

The ministry confirmed, in a guide video that was recently broadcast on its official accounts on social media platforms, that the federal law regarding the regulation of labor relations allows private sector employees to work in a second job with another part-time facility, in addition to his basic job, provided that the new facility obtains a work permit for some time. .

She said: “Citizens and residents of the country can, under a work visa, work in a second job, after obtaining a part-time work permit from the ministry, which is valid for one year, as the permit authorizes the holder to work part-time in another facility for less than eight hours per day. Besides his work in his original workplace », pointing out that the cost of obtaining a part-time permit includes the application fee of 100 dirhams, and the initial approval fee of 500 dirhams.

She added, "In the event that the worker works at another facility without obtaining the permit, this procedure exposes that facility to a fine estimated at 50 thousand dirhams, in addition to other penalties when the violation is repeated."

According to the Ministry, residents in the country, on the sponsorship of their relatives, can obtain a second job under a part-time work permit, after obtaining a letter of no objection from the sponsor, so that to obtain this permit, the age of its male and female applicants must be between 18 and 65 years old.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation began implementing the part-time system in 2018, to allow companies to recruit and use workers from inside or outside the country, under a part-time contract, so that part-time contracts are limited to jobs or professions of the first and second professional levels, which require scientific, technical and administrative skills, and a qualification A university minimum, as well as technical professions that require scientific and technical skills, as well as practical and supervisory skills, with an intermediate institute qualification from two to three years after high school.

The Ministry confirmed, during its response to a question from one of its customers, through its pages on social media platforms, which states: “If the employer does not currently have work (such as construction work), does he have the right to stop the worker without pay or send him on leave for several months? », That the disruption of work in the establishments is not considered a justification or a reason that permits the suspension of the wages of its employees, and the employer is considered a violator, and the worker is also considered a violator, stressing the need for the worker within a period not exceeding three months to notify the Labor Relations Department of his cessation of work.

New work permit

In response to interactive questions directed by followers of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation pages on social media platforms, the Ministry confirmed that it may grant a new work permit to the worker after the end of his work relationship with the employer, with the aim of moving from one facility to another, without being bound by the lapse of six months after the date of canceling the work card. Pointing out that there are two conditions for the resigned worker to obtain a new work permit: the first is the end of the work relationship between him and the employer by agreement, and the second is that he has spent at least two years with the employer, which excludes the worker whose new work is at the skill levels (first, or The second or third), provided that his new salary is not less than 12,000 dirhams in the first skill level, 7,000 dirhams in the second skill level, and 5,000 dirhams in the third skill level.

And she said, "The worker is also excluded from the requirement to adhere to work for two years before resigning, in the event that the employer breaches his obligations towards him, or when he is not a reason to terminate the work relationship, or if the transfer is to another facility that he owns or in which the employer he was working for is participating." .

Citizens and residents can work in a second job, after a permit from “Emiratisation”.

Those residing under the sponsorship of their families can obtain a second job, based on a part-time work permit.

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