The American channel CNN unveils its ranking of "the best dishes ever created around the world".

France appears only once for its mythical croissant, at the 21st position.

In the top 5, the lacquered duck, the sushi, the Neapolitan pizza or the massaman curry, the big winner.

With this new confinement, scheduled for at least four weeks, it will become one of the main occupations of the French: cooking and eating.

So to give some ideas, the American channel CNN updated its classification of the "best dishes ever created around the world" in its travel guide.

Created in 2011, it was updated first in 2017 and then a few days ago.

And the media's choices across the Atlantic are likely to be debated.

Disappointment for French gastronomy

France appears only once, in 21st place with the crescent.

Just behind the


(corn bread) from Venezuela, the kebab chiche, and

pasteis de nata

from Portugal.


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Those who are doing well are our Italian neighbors with Parma ham (31st), lasagna (23rd) and Neapolitan pizza (2nd).

But this is nothing compared to the Americans who beat everyone else with four occurrences: popcorn (50th), ketchup (39th), Hawaiian poke (22nd) and donuts (14th).

Massaman curry on top

Finally, CNN unveils a top 5 of the best dishes created: in 5th position, the Peking duck from China then the sushi from Japan, the Mexican chocolate, the Neapolitan pizza and at the top of the ranking: the Massaman curry, a Thai dish.


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Massaman curry is often touted as the "king of curry" and stands out for its spicy flavors, coconut content and divine blend of sweet and savory.

Most often made with beef, it can also be made with duck, tofu, chicken, lamb or pork.