The 60-year-old man who rents the social services' apartment where the sex purchases took place was never prosecuted, as there was a lack of sufficient evidence that he was involved in the procuring activities that took place in the spring of 2019.

The police investigation shows that neighbors during this time felt scared and threatened.

They did not dare to have their grandchildren visit, and some took the gate next door to get to their apartment through the attic.

But the neighbors did not get a hearing from the city of Västerås.

Instead, it took a year after the sex trade was discovered until the municipality acted, when in April this year they chose to terminate the apartment owner's lease.

But despite the dismissal, he still lives, and the problems for the neighbors continue.

- I do not dare to be alone at home, says a neighbor to SVT.

How could it be like this?

Is there not a strong enough reason for you to dismiss a tenant when there has been prostitution in your home?

- Yes, that is enough, says Jonas Boman, operations manager at Västerås individual and family administration.

Hear more from the neighbors and the business manager in the clip above.