China News Service, October 27. According to the Russian Satellite Network, on the 26th local time, the Russian Defense Control Center reported that a Su-27 fighter jet intercepted an American reconnaissance plane and a German patrol plane over the Baltic Sea. .

Data map: Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

  According to reports, on the same day, Russian radars were standing over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea and found two targets approaching the Russian border. Subsequently, the Su-27 fighter jets of the Russian troops on duty lifted off to identify these two targets.

  The notification stated that “the crew of the Russian fighters identified (two) air targets as the German Navy’s P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft and the U.S. Air Force’s U-2S reconnaissance aircraft. Subsequently, the (Russian fighter aircraft) fought in the Baltic Sea. Its (U.S.-German military aircraft) carried out a companion flight."

  According to reports, after the US-German military plane flew away from the Russian border, the Su-27 fighter jet returned safely to the Russian airport.

The Russian Ministry of Defense pointed out that the entire flight of the Su-27 was carried out in strict accordance with international regulations.