China News Service, October 27. According to Euronet, the mayor of Rome, Italy, Raja stated on the 26th local time that since she came to power in Rome, she has always insisted on cracking down on organized crimes such as the Mafia.

Recently, a criminal group issued death threats to her and her family.

The picture shows Raj, the mayor of Rome.

  Raj said that in 2018, with the support of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the Rome city government sent more than 600 policemen and 400 firefighters. With the cooperation of dozens of heavy bulldozers, they forcibly demolished the Mafia Casa Monica family. 8 illegal villas in Rome.

Since then, she has become a target of revenge for the Mafia and must accept the police's all-weather protection.

  Raj said that in the fight against the criminal activities of the underworld, the Roman police severely hit multiple criminal groups.

She and her family received death threats.

However, she did not disclose more details of the threats.

  According to reports, Raj was successfully elected Mayor of Rome on behalf of the Italian Five Star Movement Party in 2016, and was the first female mayor in the history of Rome.

Raj has stated that he will run for mayor of Rome again in 2021.

(Huang Jing)