China News Agency, Paris, October 21 (Reporter Li Yang) On the evening of the 21st, French local time, an official memorial ceremony was held for the murdered history teacher Samuel Patty.

  The memorial ceremony that night was held at the Sorbonne University in Paris. It lasted about 40 minutes and was attended by about 400 people, including many high-level French political figures.

The ceremony ended before 9 pm to comply with the relevant provisions of the Paris curfew.

Many people who could not enter the scene gathered in the square outside the Sorbonne University to watch the live broadcast.

Data map: French President Macron.

  French President Macron attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

He said that Patty embodies the values ​​of the country and he will never be forgotten.

He condemned the killing of Patty as a cowardly act and emphasized that "we will continue to fight for freedom."

  Samuel Patty was beheaded to death on the 16th in the suburbs of Paris. The suspect who killed Patty, Anzorov, was shot dead by the police for resisting arrest.

Anzorov was born in 2002 and is from Chechnya, Russia.

  French officials have continued to take a series of measures to counter terrorism and combat extremism in the past two days.

Macron visited Bobigny in northern Paris on the evening of the 20th. Some media said there might be extremist strongholds there.

Macron said during the inspection that the French hope to take action to combat extremism, and he said that relevant actions will be strengthened.

  French Minister of the Interior Dalmanin stated that it will crack down on extremists, extremist associations and institutions.

The French Ministry of the Interior has requested the temporary closure of the Pantin Mosque in northern Paris for six months.

In addition, an organization active in France that supports the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has also been officially banned.

French police have previously carried out raids on the residences of dozens of suspects of extremism.

  The French National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office said on the 21st that there are currently 7 people involved in the murder of Patty who have been transferred to court for judicial investigation.

French national anti-terrorism prosecutor Ricard disclosed the details of the relevant personnel involved in the case.