Intense raids targeting the Houthi militia in 3 governorates

The legitimate forces liberate 3 strategic locations in the Al-Khanjar front in Al-Jawf

Elements of the joint Yemeni forces in Hodeidah.


The Yemeni army forces and the tribes, backed by the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy, liberated three strategic locations in the Khanjar front in the Khub Al Sha`af district in Al-Jawf Governorate, while continuing to advance and secure the road linking Al-Jawf and Marib on the orphan side, and advance towards Bir Al-Marazeeq from two axes, after completing the liberation of Haydah Heights. Al-Maa and Duhaida Al-Aqer, while coalition fighters continued to target Houthi militia sites in three governorates.

In detail, Yemeni field sources confirmed the continuation of the battles in the axis of Bir Al-Marazeeq in the Yemeni governorate of Al-Jawf between the Yemeni army and the tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, within the framework of the continuous confrontations between the two sides, and the Yemeni army forces and the tribes supported by the Arab coalition were able to liberate three strategic areas, which are “The Black Sergeant, Bir Aziz, and the mountains west of Al-Barka Point,” in the vicinity of Al-Khanjar camp, indicating the continuation of hit-and-run battles on different fronts in the governorate.

The sources stated that the army and the tribes were able to launch an attack across two axes, the first from the Dahidha area, and the second from the al-Shahla side, towards Bir al-Maraziq, to ​​reach the lower plateau, with the aim of completing the liberation of the front, after completing the full liberation of the Nudud area and the Daheidha al-Maa heights, and Duhaida al-Aqir.

The sources indicated that the Houthi militia suffered during the past few weeks great losses on the Al-Jawf fronts, on top of which are the Well Marazeeq front, the Al-Khub desert, and the Al-Khanjar area, and the sources confirmed the death of dozens of Houthi elements, including prominent leaders, including the leader called Muhammad Yahya Al-Gharabani, in addition to the destruction of vehicles Militia affiliated with the militia.

In Marib, the Chief of the General Staff, Commander of Joint Operations, Major General Saghir bin Aziz, confirmed the continuation of the battles until the completion of the liberation of all areas from the Houthi militia, indicating in a speech during a ceremony held for the freed prisoners, that the army and the tribes, with the support of the Arab coalition, are continuing to restore the institutions of the Yemeni state. And the liberation of all the abductees in the prisons of the Houthi militia.

The coalition fighters targeted Houthi sites and reinforcements in several areas in three Yemeni governorates, namely Al-Jawf, Marib and Saada, where they bombed Houthi reinforcements in the Khub Al-Sha`af district, Al-Khanjar area, and Bir Al-Marazeeq in Al-Jawf, as well as Houthi sites in the districts of Medghal, Majzar, Sarawah and Rahba in Marib, and bombed them Houthi sites in the Al-Branch area in the Kataf district in the Saada governorate, and another in the Baqim district in the same governorate, and the targeting led to the destruction of Houthi fighting vehicles and equipment, as well as the death and injury of many militia members.

In Hodeidah, the Houthi militias continued their escalation of fighting in all the seam zones. Yesterday, they attacked residential neighborhoods in the Al-Tuhayat district. The targeting focused on the Al-Jaruba neighborhood, using 23 caliber weapons and medium machine guns, in addition to snipers.

While the monitoring teams of the joint forces recorded 118 new violations of the UN armistice committed by the Houthi militia, field sources confirmed that the militias used various types of weapons in targeting residential neighborhoods in Kilo 16 and the city of Hodeidah, the governorate center, with mortars, heavy artillery and tanks.

The Houthi militia committed a new crime against the people of Hays district, after they targeted residential neighborhoods with heavy artillery, which led to shells falling on the homes of the people, and four injuries among civilians, including a woman.

In Al-Dhalea, the joint forces responded, yesterday, to the sources of Houthi fire in the town of Sabira, and managed to destroy Houthi artillery sites in the area, targeting residential villages in the town of Al-Mashareh, northwest of the Hajar area in the Qataba district, and field sources reported that the joint forces managed to silence the sources. Houthi fire in the region.

The media center of Al-Dhali Front quoted Major-General Colonel Muhammad Ali Saeed as saying that a Houthi combat vehicle had been destroyed in Sabira, targeting civilians in the Mashareh, in addition to the destruction of Houthi fortifications, and a number of Houthi elements were killed, and others were wounded, indicating that the forces The joint launch of pre-emptive attacks on Houthi sites in Habeel Yahya, Al-Thokh, and the Battar sector.

In Taiz, the Houthi militia bombed the automated bakery neighborhood in the Salh district, killing a child and wounding three others after an artillery shell fell on their neighborhood while they were playing, and a local source confirmed that the neighborhoods in eastern Taiz are being indiscriminately bombed by the Houthi militia stationed in Tabet Sofitel. The bombing hit the neighborhoods of Wadi, Salh, Al-Sharifat, Muhammed Ali Othman School, and Luzem Castle.

• Militias are stepping up their attacks in the seam zones in Hodeidah, committing 118 new violations of the armistice.

• Houthi bombing targets a residential neighborhood in Taiz, killing a child and wounding 3 while they are playing.

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